Stadt & Liebe – Dietzenbach, Germany


A new space on display is Stadt&Liebe Dietzenbach restaurant by Iuliu Barar Design, which exudes a cosmopolitan, urban edge design. The project brief mandated that while the design language of the restaurant should allow room for a unique imprint of its own, translated into a touch of elegance balanced with a raw, industrial-chic environment, not extravagant; dynamic, yet comfortable. 

One of the biggest challenges on the project was to establish a seamless connection between the two independent floors occupied by the restaurant through spatial and visual means. The location also presented a challenge, demanding to bound the indoor with the outdoor, by creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior dimensions, which allow the space to open up and become more versatile.

 lends to the concept.

Among the design highlights in the restaurant are the „floating“ seating groups in the window display, the hand made „pots“ pendant lights, the hand made wallpaper made out of vintage posters and the subtle baroque moldings displayed as freestanding compositions.

A diverse range of materials has been used in order to create a sophisticated grunge look, referencing hipster restaurants sited within industrial warehouses in New York City’s Manhattan borough.

The ambient interior lighting has also been custom-designed to animate different spatial layers thoroughly.

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