Soul & Bowl, Schweinfurt, Germany

Soul & Bowl Restaurant – Schweinfurt, Germany

It’s about proudly displaying the building materials that many try to conceal. It’s about adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed spaces. It’s about selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. It’s industrial interior design, showcasing neutral tones, utilitarian objects, wood, and metal surfaces.

The result: a “warehouse look” that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished.

Structural elements are turned into showpieces, generating the interior layout lines without overpowering the room, achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and chic, basic features of an industrial look. 

If there were one surface that could be considered an industrial modern design definition, it would be the ceiling. That’s where the standout feature of this restaurant plays out.

Bare beams, visible ductwork, and a huge Graffiti add interest and visual dimension against a surface that is as good as invisible in other design styles.

Definitely, the industrial style has a very special look.

It was an interesting opportunity to juxtapose the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic.

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