Penthouse Karben

Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. This contemporary design style borrows from various time periods, creating an eclectic environment. Mastering an eclectic home is all about drawing on a number of different textures, colors, and styles for a unique environment filled with personality. Urban, or Soft Industrial, interiors share a similar sleekness to loft-like homes with a bit of rustic flair tossed in. Exposed brick gives walls character, pendant lighting made of copper, glass, illuminate all details throughout the home. Lighting is also an important element because it breaks up the deep dark hues that dress the floors, walls, and furniture. Floor to ceiling windows used to keep things light are another classic characteristic of this city style. Furniture is made up of a mix of weathered and glossy woods to create a perfect balance of old-world style and industrial style.

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