Gatsby – Frankfurt, Germany

Some might wonder what the Bohemian style is.

Although it embraces a sense of flowing liberty in décor choices and can be associated with an eclectic style, Bohemian style is more than that.
Although the essence of Boho-Chic is a vintage-inspired version of “laissez-faire,” or, in other words, “let it be how it will be,” the style benefits by juxtaposing older items with more modern ones. With an eye toward variety and diversity in color and form, room dividers, furniture objects, and flower pots are used to fill every visual and physical spot in the space. Think outside the box in layout, and think of each plane as an open book for you to fill.
It reflects a carefree lifestyle with little rules, except to follow your heart’s desire.

This eclectic place can incorporate an ultra-glam chandelier paired with a well-worn rug and a mid-century chair. Within the Bohemian style, there’s a laissez-faire attitude where anything goes as long as you love it.

If you enjoy structure and order, you might want to give this place a pass. But if you’re inherently drawn to free expression, unconventional displays, and colorful collections, come on… This is most definitely the place where your own personal style and aesthetic can shine.

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