Jamy’s Burger – Mainz, Germany


Jamys Burger Mainz- Project Presentation

Mankind is increasingly leaving nature behind, migrating to sterile concrete jungles. Yet urban dwellers will always long for a connection to the earth: we build parks, protect nature reserves, and grow gardens. We’re shaping nature to fit our multiple spaces and lifestyles. 

The Jamys Burger Mainz – Concept explores integrating nature into the city and is centrally located at the Dom Platz, that offer multiple vantage points from the cathedral and the market square.
The project dives into sustainable design practices and materials that utilizes European sourced wood, LED lighting technology, green finishing materials and other re-purposed components. The old structural walls have been carefully cleaned and preserved in the interior concept, together with other structural elements completing the „urban Garden“ Concept desired.

And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious food featured 😉.

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