Freshisha – Düsseldorf, Germany

Fads in interior design come and go, but old-school “pretty” and “proper” decor stands the test of time, conveying a sense of calm and permanence. It is a style that gets inherited, not reinvented, and it is passed down from generation to generation like a secret code.

Starting up with aristocratic accessories as vintage plumbing fixtures, polished picture frames, charming museum like exposers, straight lined furniture, royal floor-coverings, sumptuous seating, patterned floorings and finishing with stately lighting and textile wall coverings… Mid Century chandeliers and wall sconces,  magnificent oversized mirrors, everything is working together into a characteristical appearance transporting you to the ‚Gatsby‘ times.

Exquisite shopping for a premium shopping experience is reinvented with this new concept by Iuliu Barar Interior Designs.

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