Allure – Mannheim, Germany

Architectural design is important to today’s fashion-savvy customer. Once famously quoted by the renowned fashion designer, Coco Chanel, “Architecture is fashion – it’s a matter of proportions.” Designs that are regarded as ‘architecturally rich’ typically contain a mixed-use of sophisticated materials;  sculpted spatial features and clean lines. 

Therefore, when environments, particularly those involved in high fashion, are architecturally rich the retailer further conveys their commitment to beauty and originality to the consumer. Smooth surfaces, hard materials, neutral color palettes, unadorned furnishings, and spacious layouts are some characteristic features of this design. The lighting concept was adjusted to achieve desirable brightness and accurate color rendering. 

Another key element to our design for this client is touch. A tactile-rich environment was presented using a mixed material palette comprised of soft/hard, shiny/matte, and textured/smooth surfaces. Additionally, the extreme juxtaposition of opposing materials imparts the business’s easygoing disposition and artistic nature. 

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